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The day is dawning, the Bedouins are getting up, looking after the camels and light a fire to bake fresh bread and brew tea and coffee.

If you're an early bird you can enjoy the sunrise. Breathtaking silence - the sand dunes are constantly changing their colour.

While you are having breakfast, we will collect the camels, take down the Nomad tent and feed and saddle the animals.
When the luggage is packed we move off. A new day which will reveal more faces of the Sahara.
The desert gives you the chance to switch off completely, to live the here and now with all your senses.

You have the chance to see your everyday life from a distance, to look into yourself and just be.

You will experience the life of the Nomad, which the Bedouins lived before they settled. You will come in contact with a strange culture, its way of life, language, food, songs and dances.

In me, you'll have a guide who lives and works at the edge of the desert and who knows and understands both cultures.

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